• Library. Journal of Library and Information Science

    LIBRARY is an open access, peer-reviewed scholarly journal in library and information science, book studies and related fields. It is published by Slovenian Library association and National & University Library in Ljubljana.

  • Geografski vestnik

    Geografski vestnik (Geographical Bulletin) is the oldest Slovenian scientific geographical journal (since 1925). The journal publishes papers from all fields of geography and other sciences related to spatial analysis and environemt research (e.g. forestry, ecology, surveying, remote sensing, sociology, economy).

    The main aim of the journal is to publish high quality research results from different research fields of geography and related sciences. Besides publishing original research papers part of the journal is dedicated to the development of quantitative and qualitative methods, use of geographic information systems, data collection and terminology in geography.

    The journal is freely available at the web site and no registration is required.

    Older issues are available here.

  • Primerjalna književnost

    Primerjalna književnost (Comparative Literature) has been published since 1978 by the Slovenian Comparative Literature Association. It is issued three times a year and brings forth original articles in comparative literature, literary theory, literary methodology, literary aesthetics, and other fields devoted to literature and its contexts. Multidisciplinary ap­proaches are also welcome. The journal publishes articles in either Slovenian or (American) English, and occasionally also in other languages. All published papers are peer-reviewed.

    ISSN of the printed issue: 0351-1189
    ISSN of the online issue: 2591-1805