Geografija obmejnosti in raznolikost sodobnih političnih meja // Geography of border landscapes and the differentiation of current political boundaries

  • Milan Bufon
  • André-Louis Sanguin
Keywords: politična geografija, geografija obmejnosti, obmejna območja, čezmejno povezovanje, družbena in prostorska konvergenca, družbena in prostorska divergenca // political geography, geography of border landscapes, cross-border cooperation, social and spatial convergence, social and spatial divergence


Obmejna območja so v zadnjih desetletjih v osredju znanstvenega zanimanja političnih geografov. Pristopi se sicer razlikujejo, pri vseh pa prevladuje interes do razmerja med prostorom ter družbo pri interpretaciji sočasno potekajočih procesov divergence in konvergence, ki povzročajo različne težnje in prakse družbenega in prostorskega ločevanja ter povezovanja. Članek daje pregled temeljnih dejavnikov in potekov tega procesa ter skuša podati, ob neki uvodni sistematizaciji obravnavane problematike, tudi pretres sodobnih pristopov in dognanj, s posebnim poudarkom na raziskovalnih rezultatih, ki sta jih avtorja razvijala pri preučevanju obmejnih razmer in čezmejnega povezovanja.

Border landscapes are for decades in the heart of the scientific interest of political geographers. Approaches are different, but most of them are focusing on the relations between space and society within the context of interpretation of the contemporary processes of divergence and convergence, providing thus different trends and results of social and spatial divisions and connections. The article offers an overview of the main factors and developments regarding those processes, and tries to give in its first part a more systematic organization of the studied issues, followed by an evaluation of the current research results within the geography of border landscapes, based in particular on the research results that both authors have developed in their study of border situations and cross-border cooperation in Europe.


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